We have a limited number of entry to the live theater where  the show of Firefly squid (or deep sea fire-emitting plankton) is held.
Please wear facial masks at all times and use alcohol gel at entrance to sanitize your hands before entering.

◆ March 20 〜 the end of May : The show of live firefly squid ◆            
◆June 1 ~ March 19 of the following year :  the  show of  deep sea fire-emitting plankton◆

Sorry.  The museum is in no position to answer questions there might arise concerning  “leaping ashore (phenomenon of fireflies being washed up on the beach)

  •    ↓Please click Concerning “Firefly squid boat tour” 
Kindly visit its Web page.
  • The time and location of Leaping ashore of Firefly Squid is unpredictable highly rare natural phenomenon.
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