Floor Map

Information Museum Gallery Museum Theater
Ticket Sales Display of Firefly Squid and Namerikawa City literature Showing edited TV programs of the local cable television station.
Deep Sea Promenade Exhibition Hall Spring of Deep Sea Wonders
Slope descending to the ground floor from the second floor imaging the deep sea Easy explanation of experience-type of exhibits to give you the body structure and such of firefly squid. Touch Pool of the Deep Sea where you can actually touch shrimps and crabs.
You can touch live firefly squid in the period of March 20 to the end of May.
Live Theater Bathynomus exhibiting corner
Lights Emission Show are conducted.
March 20 -End of May: Lights Emission Show of Firefly Squid.
June 1 – March 19 of next year: Lights Emission Show of Plankton.
Bathynomus giganteus and Bathynomus doederleinii are on display.
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